These Wonderful Frenchies Are now Retired.
Vika is retired and in her forever pet home in IA with Tia and Felix.

Vika is one of the 2 girls who started the love of frenchies in our
family. She is the mother to Sweet Pea  and Envy on our site. She
produced 3 amazing litters for us and always produced great
quality.  We will forever be thankful to have owned Vika as she
gave us a wonderful start in the frenchie world!!
"FRANNIE" Retired
This little lady was
the other girl who
got things started
here at DBG'S.
Frannie produced
amazing reds
including Lil Red
pictured to the
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These girls and boys are now retired and have been a wonderful foundation to our
breeding program.  Some we purchased and some we produced. We have kept back
pups from each of them and do have a few generations from their lines.  As we retire our
girls or boys we do not always keep them so from time to time they are put into forever
loving homes in IA close to us if possible. I'd love to keep them all but each deserves their
own comfy couch or lap to live out their years. They all hold a special place in our hearts
and we will forever be grateful for the wonderful babies they blessed us with.


I wanted to send you an update on our
"Princess" Shasta.  She is doing
WONDERFULLY.  We love her so much.  She is
such an easy dog, and is a joy everyday. She is
quite the couch potato.  If you are sitting on the
couch, be prepared, because she will jump up
into your lap whether you expect it or not.  It
doesn't matter whether it is a visitor or not.  She
wants to be the center of attention, and is not
shy around anyone.   She has adjusted well to
our two cats (Elliott and Agatha), and enjoys
chasing them throughout the house.  She will
chase them down the hall, and then they will
chase her back.  It is hilarious to see.  We
cannot imagine our lives without her.  Thank
you so much for allowing her to be a part of our
family.  She is truly a blessing!  If you should
ever have another retired girl, please let me
know.  We would love to add one more Frenchie
to our home.

Have a wonderful day, and thank you again. :)

I will send you new pictures soon.....

Billie Taylor
Sweet Pea is out of our foundation girl Vika and sired by
George. She was born and raised by us. We use to go by
DFKF'S until we started our website and changed it.  
Sweet Pea is a an outstanding female and since she
was the from the start of our frenchie lines she set the
bar VERY high! If your going to raise french bulldogs or
any breed for that matter you must pour your heart and
sole into doing it right! Sweet Pea is the total package
from head to toe she is flawless. With that said she has
produced us some of the nicest puppies around, pups to
be proud of. She does have pups in the ring as well as
Champions! We currently have 2 of her daughters (Cool
Whip and Toasty) who are excellent examples of the
breed. You can see them on our girls page.  
Five-O's Here's Your Nickelback at DBG  

Nickelback  is 100% Smokey Valley!!  From
head to toe and top to bottom he has got it all.
Nickelback is a little guy at just 21 lbs. Vibrant
red and white pied. Very sweet personality but
let us say he is a major show off. He is the sire
to Cool Whip,Toasty,Ramona as well as Bacon
and Poptart's Grandfather. Nickel is now retired
and enjoying life in IA with Anne.
I adored this female for years with
all my heart and will forever be
grateful for the wonderful babies
she produced for us.  A gentle soul
with a priceless expression I adored
and loved.  Always calling her Silly
Willy Wonkas as she would run
"waddle"over to you drop onto her
side and beg for a belly rub.     Her
father is Frankie.

With a heavy heart we  decided to
retire Frankie in July of 2012 after 7
wonderful years. He has been such a
joy to have around and has blessed
us with many outstanding pups. We do
have some kids, grandkids as well as
his son Bacon. Frankie is enjoying his
life with Shasta (pictured on right) and
Billie in Nebraska. Although Shasta
still runs the show Frankie gives her a
run for her money. lol!!
Cool Whip (pictured to the left) is
now retired and living in IA with
Tia and Felix and grandma Vika
pictured above. Wonderful
female and the mother to our
Poptart,  and Moo.  Cool Whips
parents are Sweet Pea and
Nickleback also pictured on this
page. This little Sweetheart will
be greatly missed but will live
out her years on the comfy
couch with Granny Vika.
Bacon-retired and
living with Melissa
in IA
Willow lives in NE With
Tara and Jessie
Sweets living in IA
with Sandy
NITY- lives with
Teresa in IA
Ch. DiNozzo is now living with Patty
and enjoying retirement  life in NE.
He is sire to Sabrina, Nity and Zelda.
Grand sire to Playdoh,Norah and
Vegas and Moke are living with
the Brott family in Omaha
Lil Red  is now retired and
living in IA with the "Strong
Family". Lil Red is sired by
Frankie and Dam is Frannie.
Moo-Is now living
with the Skaggs in MN
as you can see she is
very loved!
living with Amanda
Poptart-living with Jana