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Reference letters from our puppy parents
Hi Sheila!
Hope all is well with you.  Just wanted to check in with you and let you
know that little Bean has brought us nothing but joy, love, and a lot of
attention.  He is the town's little celebrity.  Every so often I check out
your website and torture myself looking at all the perfect little puppies
you have.  I, of course, am obsessed with Carlos.  OMG!! Slowly but
surely, I am working Gavin to agree that we need to add another Bean.  
Carlos might be too soon and by the time we react he is sure to be
sold. But I am keeping my eye on your upcoming litter of Bacon and
Moo.  I would LOVE to get a darkish colored fawn with a black mask.  
So don't be suprised when you hear from me in the near future.  I hope
you and your family are enjoying the beginning of your summer.  I look
forward to talking with you and catching up.  
Take Care,
Jill Pearlman
I heard that you got to see our lil, “Otis” at your vets office yesterday-) I am
so impressed with Nicole and her staff of nice ladies!!! I was telling them how
much I enjoyed talking to you and seeing your dog business in person with
my son. They told me that you have beautiful and healthy dogs and they
had nothing but wonderful things to say about you=) I just wanted to thank
you again for everything, our family is so in LOVE with our lil man!!! He is
such a loving lil character!!!! My husband also would love to come down and
see your beautiful dogs some time.. he follows your website too . Someday
we will be buying another "frenchie" from you=)

Have a great week-end!!
Deb Recker
Hi Sheila,

I don't know if you remember Porky (Adel), child of Bling and
Shelby - well he is 3 today.

Just wanted you to know, how much we are still enjoying our
little furry bundle of joy.

He has had an amazing year.  He played in the Sandy Dunes
in Colorado, hiked to the top of a mountain, learned to ride in
a bike trailer, and enjoyed swimming in the lakes of Texas.  
He is so smart and loving.  We have been fortunate to not
have any major medical problems.  He has struggled with
allergies, and his skin becomes black, but we know it's
common with Frenchies, and it doesn't seem to slow him
down.  He has so much agility and loves to run and chase
bunnies.  He is 28 pounds, and  all muscle.

Here are a few recent pics.  Hope things are going well for
you and your family.
Dear Sheila,
I apologize for not writing to you sooner, but I wanted to let you know how much Scott and I enjoyed our visit
with you, your husband and family when we stopped by with the lawnmower. I also wanted to let you know
how impressed I was with your care, management and knowledge of each and every frenchie you have.
Shortly after our visit I went to Minnesota to visit my brother and purchased, "French Bulldogs" magazine,
and everything I read about frenchies, you had already told me about!  You know your stuff! and I can't
wait for the time when my baby will come home. Please know when the time is right and my puppy comes,
that she will be greatly appreciated, spoiled and loved to no end, and I know she had a great start in her
life, because of you and your experience.
Enjoy the summer and hear from you soon,
Julia Armstrong
Hi Shiela:  Thought you might want to put one of these
pictures of Miss Kitty on your customer website.  This is her
Halloween outfit.  The one laying
down is where I put a treat in front of her and told her to
leave it and she was just watching it - until I told her she
could get it :)  She is a sweetie and
growing into her body nicely.  Enjoy and have a great week :)

Elizabeth Huls
Hi All,

Twix is having a great summer.  In all this heat we can't go on very long walks.  He takes many breaks to
army crawl through the grass on neighbor's lawns to cool off.  The only thing he likes better than grass is
dirt and (as I found out recently) the only thing he likes better than dirt is mud!  The closest dog park to our
house has a small muddy stream running through it and a low spot that fills with water if we've had a lot of
rain.  A black lab taught him how much fun the swampy puddle is to play in.  Ever since then, he's been
hooked.  He likes to take a tennis ball in and play with it "bobbing for apples" style.  I've given up trying to
keep him out of there.  I figure it's like having a kid and not letting the kid play outside.  He's a dog.  

Well, one day he took off ahead of me at the dog park and I saw him approaching the stream.  It's not just
water and a little dirt like the puddle/pond.  It's deep, oozy, gooey mud.  You can picture this like a
slow-motion movie scene.  Twix running ahead and when I see this I yell "NOOOOOOOOO!"  He sinks in up
to his little arm pits and then turns his head and looks at me like, "Did you say something?"  The look on
his face in the last picture is priceless.  He is a little shit, but so cute!  He seriously LOVES to wallow in mud
just like a little pig.  Cracks up everyone at the dog park.  At least he's easy to fit in the tub.  

We finally broke down and bought him a kiddy pool.  It's been so hot.  He was so happy today jumping in
and out and bringing tennis balls to drop in it.  So cute.  Glad he can enjoy something in this weather and
it's a lot cleaner than the dog park!  

Hope you all are well and have air conditioning!

Please enjoy some candid pictures we have
received from our puppy parents.
Hey Sheila
Just wanted to let you know that Piper, our valentines day puppy, is a year
and a half and we couldn't imagine our lives without her. We love our
Piper. Here's a pic of her after a round of playing with her "big sister"
Sauza, our English. Piper runs the house however as no other person or
pet can keep up with her. Thanks again.

Joe D. Vela, DDS, PhD
I meant to write this letter for months, but i've hardly had any time to spare.
since i moved to Brooklyn, i have had no contact with my kids, i just couldn't deal with their constant
drama.i don't mean stupid drama, i mean hard drugs and alcohol drama.
it has been the first time in all my life that i have been totally alone.
my dogs are my children, they are my constant company.
i hardly leave the apartment because i don't want them to be alone, when i do,
i never stay away for more than 4 hours, i miss them so.
as you know, i got all my dogs from you.
there are breeders and then there are breeders.
breeders that tell you "Let me go see what i have on the floor" yes, as chilling as that sounds i heard a
man breeder say that once.
others are not as careless, but they post themselves dripping with jewelry holding a Frenchie sitting on a
fancy sofa, giving the message " They are very expensive"
i read from a breeder in Canada "If you have to ask the price, you don't have the money for one of my
Frenchies" absolutely true and then there is you.
i had given up on trying to buy a Frenchie for years because of the breeders.
but then i met you, and everything changed.
You are, hands down, the most caring woman-breeder in the US.
You truly love your dogs.
the care your babies get when they are born shows in their even temperament
and amazing intelligence.
feeding puppies every 2 hours,
letting your kids play with them,
having them on your lap when you finally have a moment to sit down,
turns them into loving companions.
i want you to know how much your constant work is appreciated by me.
every single dog i have bought from you, a total of 8, have been sweet, loving,
smart dogs. all with different personalities yes,
but all special, unforgettable dogs.
and i know, it would not be possible without your loving care and devotion.
i have come to consider you as a friend
a no nonsense woman that tells it as it is.
i want you to know i appreciate your honesty as well
and your putting up with my tantrums.
please don't change Sheila.
keep loving those little angels the way you have done till now, then send them to me.
thank you from all of us
ingrid, jemimah, endora, dorthe, hodor and seymour.