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Please take the time to read this information. You will find it answers some
FAQ about our pups and the process of purchasing from us.

Here at Driscol's Blue Genes our puppies are given love and lots of attention. Our pups are
played with daily, more on a member of the family basis. Since the pups are in the main part
of the house they see and hear everything that goes on. Socialization is key in a good
natured pup. Our pups are "started" on crate, leash and house breaking at 6 wk's.  They are
litter box trained starting at 4 wks of age.

Our adults and pups are fed TASTE OF THE WILD. All pups will be on dry food before they
are able to leave us.  We have fed this for years and have found our dogs/pups to do very
well with it.

All pups will come with AKC papers. If you purchase a pup with Limited AKC (pet only) they
must be spayed or neutered by 6 months of age before papers will be released.

ALL PUPS WILL have at least 2 sets of shots
-De-wormed at 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 10 weeks.  
-Vet checked at 6 and 8 wk's prior to going  home.
-Leave with health papers from our vet .  
12 month (first birthday) written guarantee/health contract

Pet prices vs full akc? Full AKC means you can breed the dog. Limited AKC means its a pet
only. The exact same care goes into a pet pup and a show/breeding pup. So why the
difference in price? A show/breeding pup will make a profit in the future a pet pup will not.
Again the EXACT same care goes into the pets as it does the show pups. Sleepless nights,
huge amounts of time and dedication, vet bills, etc we could go on all day. Not every litter is
a profit and many times breeders do not make a dime. Breeders do not get paid by the
hour.  We do not do trades, pup back deals or payment plans. We are not going to give
discounts off the listed price cause you only want a pet since ALL puppies are listed with
(pet price).  If you have a budget PLEASE let us know ahead of time so we can help find you
a pup within your budget.

We require a deposit to hold any pup/dog for anyone. We will NOT hold a pup without a
deposit paid. Deposit needs to be to us within 3 days.  Deposits are  $1,000 on ALL

You may send the deposit one of the following ways

US POSTAL MONEY ORDER -mail it Priority or FED EX or UPS must have a tracking #

Bank wire (transfer funds into our bank account)

PAY PAL - you do not need a pay pal account to use pay pal.  It is the fastest easiest way to

We do not accept personal checks, ever.

By sending full amount, it is assumed that  1000 of it is the deposit. Deposits are NOT
refundable, ever, with these exceptions:  Your pup is found to be unhealthy or dies.

If you change your mind, find a different pup , find out you cannot have a dog, or for any
other reason, and you have placed a deposit the deposit amount will NOT be refunded.

Your pup will be vet checked at 6-weeks of age.
Once found healthy we expect the balance to be paid including any shipping charges. I will
email you and tell you the results of the vet check.  If your pup passed his/her vet check,
you have FIVE business days to get the balance to us.

We reserve the right to refuse the sale of any pup at any time in the process. If this occurs,
you will be refunded 100% of your money.  

Pups must be 8 weeks before they will be released some require more time with us. We will
make the final decision as to when each individual puppy will be sent home.  If you need us
to hold your pup longer we can do this so long as the balance is paid in full.

** Note as the breeders  we reserve the right to take our pick/ picks first  from any and all

Once the litter is born we will send those with deposits photos of the litter as well as
posting them on our site.  Pups will remain on "hold" until those with deposits have taken
forced to take a pup and are welcome to pass to another litter if what your looking for isn't
born or is already spoken for.   Your deposit will not be refunded but simply moved to the
next litter in the event this should occur.  

We reserve the right to refuse the sale of any pup at any time in the process. If this occurs,
you will be refunded 100% of your money.  

By sending us a deposit, or paying for your pup in full, you are stating you have read and
are agreeing to the terms set forth in this contract.

Give us a call at 319-215-0015 or  email  PEANUT3@FCTC.COOP
Thanks -  Mike & Sheila Driscol and Family


Our pups are in-home raised underfoot and we take great thought into putting our babies in
to loving homes.

Shipping is NOT included in the price of the pup unless stated otherwise.  
Our flight nanny can fly with your pup in cabin
at BUYERS expense.  
Shipping runs 350-500 depending on your location.  
We can also meet if it is within a reasonable distance for a fee.
Of course your ALWAYS WELCOME to pick up your new baby at our home.