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So What Is Blue??

The diluted gene "d" is responsible for changing the black pigment to blue.  A blue brindle is a
brindle dog that carries the "d" gene which causes the black hairs to become blue. There are
different types of blue including Blue masked fawn.  This is when the black mask is blue
instead. Our blue French bulldogs are AKC registered. Blue frenchies can not be shown in
conformations events. The breed standard for the French bulldog states ACCEPTABLE colors
are, brindle, fawn, white and brindle and white.  However they will register any purebred French
bulldog. There is no mention of the color "BLUE" in the frenchie standard nor is the color
Gray.  However Gray/white is listed as a color choice on the AKC's descriptive breed colors
that a person can choose when registering their frenchie. The AKC does not write the breed
standards. The parent club for each AKC recognized breed writes the standard for their
respective breed. The French Bulldog Club of
America (FBDCA) wrote the standard over 100 years ago.

The color blue does not affect the health of a French Bulldog. Blue French bulldogs have many
dogs in their lines that are all of common colors in the AKC conformation show ring. A Blue is
just as healthy as a brindle or fawn!!

Whatever your feelings, we LOVE OUR BLUES!
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 Click my picture to learn more